Reincarnation - Couple with Heads Full of Clouds - Salvador dali

Reincarnation - Couple with Heads Full of Clouds - Salvador dali;

Nine months before Salvador dali was born, Salvadors older brother (also named Salvador) died. His parents believed that the new born Salvador was actually a re-incarnation of his dead brother and he even admitted that the ghostly memory of his lost brother had haunted him for his whole life. As a result of their fears over the death of their first son, Salvador Dali's parents gave him the royal treatment. Dali says in several of his writings that the dualistic stresses imposed upon him, that of living both as himself and his dead brother, caused him a particular obsession with decay and putrefication.


Grace Jones - Ive Seen That Face Before


I've seen that face before

Seen him hanging 'round my door.
Like a hawk stealing for the prey

Like the night waiting for the day.
he shadows me back home

Footsteps echo on the stone.
Rainy nights and hustling boulevards

Parisian music tripping from the bars.
Tu cherches quoi?
Rencontrer la mort?
Tu te prends pour qui
Toi aussi tu detestes la vie.
Dancing by the restaurants
Home with anyone you want.

he's standing there below

Staring eyes thrill me to the bone.
Dans sa chambre
Joelle et sa valise.
Elle regarde ses fringues
Sur les murs des photos
Sans regret
sans melo.
La porte est claquee

Joelle est barree.

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Grace Jones Ive Seen That Face Before Salvador dali









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